Whatever is broken - We have your back.

Don’t worry. We have seen it all. Corrupt hard drives, infected computers, disorganized server cabinets – everything. Many common questions can be resolved using one of our technology basics videos. We can fix anything else. 

BergTech Protected Partner Program

We are an approved Managed Service Provider (MSP). This means that we can take a proactive approach to all of your companies workstations, servers, and connected technologies. This allows us to actively monitor and support your hardware, allowing us to catch and fix issues before they damage your companies infrastructure. Whenever you need extra support – we have immediate access to assist with issues remotely. 

All of the remote support comes directly from Alex or an internal technician in Cincinnati. We will NEVER outsource our remote tech support – that’s our BergTech Guarantee.  

Friendly Local Technology Wizards

If it has electricity, we can fix it. Regardless if it is a simple over-the-phone fix, or a multi-day onsite assignment. It all starts with a free initial consultation. Together we will come up with a solution that will work for you; regardless of your budget. 

Don’t worry, we are used to cluttered server closets, busted computers, and ancient hardware. 

Internet Phone Systems and Immediate Support

VoIP upgrades can be a confusing world to navigate alone. VoIP vendors are notorious for leaving customers in the dark after they’ve purchased the service. We have the same access to many of the major brands and services. We will stand by your side during the upgrade and make sure you get the service that you deserve, regardless of what solution works best for you. 

If you already have a phone system, no sweat! We can provide instant tech support to most of the major brands on the market. 


Affordable Website and Application Development

We are well versed on all the new cutting edge tools to build a website. From old website takeovers, to reboots, to brand new sites – let us be your one stop shop for your companies branding.  We can handle all aspects of the website, including e-commerce, social media tie ins, design, development, and hosting. Your new website starts with an email and a free quote. 

Locally Managed Tech Support

We believe in proactive technology solutions to protect and monitor your business workstations remotely. We don’t believe in outsourcing your calls internationally. We promise to keep all of our remote tech support advisors local in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Alex saved my company. I am a self employed local business owner and my business depends on computers. Not long ago, I went into work to find that my PC had crashed. I tried everything possible to get it to reboot and had no luck. I took the hard drive to the local franchised big store to have them pull the files from it so I could load it to my new PC. All they could say was, sorry I am unable to retrieve your files but we can send it off to our headquarters and they can get them for you. It will take about 6 weeks and cost around $1000.00 to do so. Prior to all of this, Alex stopped in my office about two months ago and left a business card. I called him and he came right over, took my hard drive and called me about two hours later to say I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I can get your files, the bad news is it will take close to 48 hours to transfer them. I thought to myself REALLY, 48 HOURS. I was extremely happy. If it wasn’t for Alex stopping in to leave a card I would have spent a lot of money and wasted time at a big store when just in my neighborhood a locally owned IT Tech was able to do what they wasn’t able to do. I HIGHLY recommend Alex with Berg Tech Solutions for any PC help. He is very professional, honest and affordable. Thank you so very much Alex for saving my company

Duane: Eagle Professional Services

Reliable Phone Systems Support

VoIP vendors are notorious for abandoning customers after installation. We won’t. We have your back when it comes to all your questions when it comes to your new phone system.

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