I had the most wonderful experience with Alex Winnenberg from Bergtech Solutions.
Alex is a wizard. He took one hour out of his day to introduce himself to myself and my father-AKA the ‘Boss Man.’ I am the second generation of the business my father started in 1980 and his methods worked great for a time, but the times-they are a changing. Alex was professional, informative, and spoke in a respectful and engaging way that had my dad chiming in with questions about new technology and how it could make his life SO MUCH EASIER. Alex was honest in helping me weed through what route would be the best for us as a small business. Such as internet securities, and social platform organization, and pretty much all of the things that I am aware need doing (but have not a clue how to do them). Alex is patient-which awards him an extra two gold stars on my personal review for Alex. I look forward to doing more business with Alex in the near future!


Blind Ambition

Alex has been instrumental in getting our website up and running.  He is easy to work with and responds quickly to our needs.  I appreciated his suggestions and patience as we made changes to better reflect our organization.  I highly recommend working with Alex.


NEST Community Learning Center

Alex saved my company. I am a self employed local business owner and my business depends on computers. Not long ago, I went into work to find that my PC had crashed. I tried everything possible to get it to reboot and had no luck. I took the hard drive to the local franchised big store to have them pull the files from it so I could load it to my new PC. All they could say was, sorry I am unable to retrieve your files but we can send it off to our headquarters and they can get them for you. It will take about 6 weeks and cost around $1000.00 to do so. Prior to all of this, Alex stopped in my office about two months ago and left a business card. I called him and he came right over, took my hard drive and called me about two hours later to say I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I can get your files, the bad news is it will take close to 48 hours to transfer them. I thought to myself REALLY, 48 HOURS. I was extremely happy. If it wasn’t for Alex stopping in to leave a card I would have spent a lot of money and wasted time at a big store when just in my neighborhood a locally owned IT Tech was able to do what they wasn’t able to do. I HIGHLY recommend Alex with Berg Tech Solutions for any PC help. He is very professional, honest and affordable. Thank you so very much Alex for saving my company.

Duane Engle

Owner, Eagle Professional Solutions

Our office recently converted our 17-year-old phone system to a new VoIP system offered through CBTS.  We hired BergTech Solutions to assist in the conversion to ensure our project success.  We are very dependent on phones in our daily business, and any downtime would mean the loss of clients, associates, and ultimately profits.  We needed to make sure the project implementation was smooth and successful from the start!

Alex Winnenberg, Founder of BergTech Solutions, provided us with exceptional customer service and acted as the project manager and liaison between our company and CBTS.  BergTech was involved in the initial planning, phone device selection, profile customizations, and was onsite during our switchover to the VoIP phones.

Alex’ presence was invaluable, as we had several issues that arose throughout the installation and customization that he was able to calmly and seamlessly manage to resolution.  Alex also held a training session with our staff, and worked with everyone to ensure their comfort and understanding of the new phone systems.  Alex held practice sessions for answering, transferring, and parking calls once the phones were installed.

I would highly recommend Alex, and his company BergTech Solutions, for any voice, data, or computer opportunities and challenges that your company may currently have.  His professionalism and follow-through are top notch!


Owner, Express Employment Professionals - Eastgate