BergTech Basics

We are always happy to talk to you – but to save you time, check here for some of the most common tech support questions we receive. If you can’t find your solution below, give us a shout. We look forward to working with you. 

Out of Storage

Shout out to our great-aunt Kathy Fitzpatrick for the idea behind this video. Join us this week to discover how to clean out your hard-drive! We’ve all fallen victim to the angry red bubble that tells us that “our hard drive is almost full”. Learn what to do during this video and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Loud Computer / Overheating

Loud computers are usually a result of a buildup of dirt and grime. The sound is usually the fan working hard to cool off the computer. Overheating can cause data-loss, hardware failure, or even a fire. Keep your computer cool by keeping it clean!

Slow Internet

We may not be video producers, but we sure know how to fix computers, phones, and websites. Our most common question seems to be “My internet is Slow” or “I can’t watch Stranger Things”. We always start with the basics – restart your modem and router. It’s basic – but it’s always our first step. If the video doesn’t help – shoot us an email at