One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. Alex saved my company. I am a self employed local business owner and my business depends on computers. Not long ago, I went into work to find that my PC had crashed. I tried everything possible to get it to reboot and had no luck. I took the hard drive to the local franchised big store to have them pull the files from it so I could load it to my new PC. All they could say was, sorry I am unable to retrieve your files but we can send it off to our headquarters and they can get them for you. It will take about 6 weeks and cost around $1000.00 to do so. Prior to all of this, Alex stopped in my office about two months ago and left a business card. I called him and he came right over, took my hard drive and called me about two hours later to say I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I can get your files, the bad news is it will take close to 48 hours to transfer them. I thought to myself REALLY, 48 HOURS. I was extremely happy. If it wasn’t for Alex stopping in to leave a card I would have spent a lot of money and wasted time at a big store when just in my neighborhood a locally owned IT Tech was able to do what they wasn’t able to do. I HIGHLY recommend Alex with Berg Tech Solutions for any PC help. He is very professional, honest and affordable. Thank you so very much Alex for saving my company

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